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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject flexible byte-stream storage? [vfs] [cache] ??
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 14:36:49 GMT

hello List,

maybe this should be directed to some other list... I am in the quest of 
a library to store, key-based, byte-streams of very varying sizes in 
large quantities. I need to read and write, multithreaded, and I have 
big and small byte-streams, from 50 bytes till 3 mega-bytes.

Files work, of course, but there are very many small fragments there, 
like 100 bytes or so. This is the solution I am using, I have a 
directory of about 27000 files right now... berk.

I only had bad experience with SQL blobs... so let's avoid them for now.

Can anyone suggest me something else ?

_ I was using Lucene for it for a while but the version 2.0 removed 
streams writing (although they still support 

- I was hoping vfs to provide this but that doesn't really do well for 
read-write except with... files!

- The closest I can see seems to be cache's FileStash but this does not 
seem to be the original usage.

Thanks in advance for better suggestions.


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