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From Wolfgang Frech <>
Subject [SCXML] format of state content in external file?
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 09:26:44 GMT
Hello SCXML users,

I would like to split a SCXML document into several modules.
Though there is an example in the Working Draft, this might not be 
exactly consistent with the specification, and it might be not what 
Commons SCXML implements.

What exactly is the format of the external file referenced by a src 
In the context of the implementation, it is less important, if the 
solution follows the WD to the letter. I am looking for a solution that 
works with V0.6.

It could be one of the following

a) a complete SCXML document, with scxml element as root, and exactly 
one state element, that is identical to the state element in the main 
SCXML document, and without initialstate attribute.
This would follow the example in the WD.

b) as a), but with an initialstate attribute pointing to its one and 
only state.
This would meet the definition of the scxml element.

c) a fragment of a SCXML document, without scxml  root element, but with 
exactly one state element as root.
This would avoid the question if initialstate is required, because it 
leaves out the scxml element.
This would _not_ follow the example.

d) a fragment with the content of the state element, that is an XML 
fragment with a list of elements, not with a single root.
This would _not_ follow the example, and it would be hard to edit with 
an XML editor that does not handle  multiple top level elements.

e) a SCXML document with scxml root element, and the content of the 
externalized state, that is onentry, transition, onexit elements, but 
_not_ with an enclosing state element between the scxml and the state's 
A first experiment shows that this is accepted, but not correctly 
executed: The transitions do not "fire".

f) ... anything else?

Thanks for your help.

Wolfgang Frech

Wolfgang Frech
iteratec GmbH
Inselkammerstra├če 4   D-82008 Unterhaching
+49-89-61 45 51-64    Fax: -10

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