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From Rory Winston <>
Subject Re: [net-ftp] FTPS timeout when trying to upload a file
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 20:34:04 GMT
Hi guys

Steffen/Paul, thanks for your excellent input on this. I didnt get a 
chance to look at this myself (and I didn't remember when reading the 
email that the IP address was actually a reserved private address).

Neil,the guys are correct - this is a server configuration issue - its 
not even a fault with the server per se, just with the server's 
configuration in regards to NATed clients. There is no real fix for 
this, and I would be hesitant to introduce some kind of hacky solution. 
Your case is the only instance I have seen of this so far.


Steffen Heil wrote:

> Hi
>> If the server is running on a private IP, how can you expect it to know
> anything except the private IP?
> Administrators that make SFTP-Servers available to the public internet, NEED
> to be aware of that problems and as such NEED to configure the server
> accordingly. Otherwise they are not doing their jobs. SFTP-Servers do have
> configuration options for this. (Like -P <ip> for pure-ftpd for example.)
> You wrote:
>> Given the discussion below, we need a solution that allows 
>> the user to force an override for the IP address used for 
>> passive connections.
> I wrote:
>> If at all, give the use a change to optionally overwrite used IPs.
> Which matches... And solves the problem without introducing broken logic.
> If you are ONLY connecting to that server, don't ask at all. You know how to
> connect.
> Regards,
>   Steffen

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