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From "Neil Aggarwal" <>
Subject RE: [net-ftp] FTPS timeout when trying to upload a file
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 18:00:04 GMT

How about adding a method called:

If someone sets the boolean to true, the code will
use the host specified in the connect call instead
of the passive host given by the server.

This looks clean to me and will require very little
code changes.

If you like it, I am willing to contibute it as a

Please let me know what you think.


Neil Aggarwal, (214)986-3533,
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From: Rory Winston [] 
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2007 2:40 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: Re: [net-ftp] FTPS timeout when trying to upload a file


I just read your previous email. If you do have an idea in regards to an 
elegant solution to the problem, feel free to create a JIRA issue and 
patch and I will review. But I really would only consider putting 
something in if a) it's elegant and clean and (b) if commons-net is 
really the odd one out amongst FTP clients, and is the only one that 
cant handle this. But as stated before, this really does seem to be a 
server config issue.


Rory Winston wrote:
> Hi guys
> Steffen/Paul, thanks for your excellent input on this. I didnt get a 
> chance to look at this myself (and I didn't remember when reading the 
> email that the IP address was actually a reserved private address).
> Neil,the guys are correct - this is a server configuration issue - its 
> not even a fault with the server per se, just with the server's 
> configuration in regards to NATed clients. There is no real fix for 
> this, and I would be hesitant to introduce some kind of hacky 
> solution. Your case is the only instance I have seen of this so far.
> Thanks
> Rory
> Steffen Heil wrote:
>> Hi
>>> If the server is running on a private IP, how can you expect it to know
>> anything except the private IP?
>> Administrators that make SFTP-Servers available to the public 
>> internet, NEED
>> to be aware of that problems and as such NEED to configure the server
>> accordingly. Otherwise they are not doing their jobs. SFTP-Servers do 
>> have
>> configuration options for this. (Like -P <ip> for pure-ftpd for 
>> example.)
>> You wrote:
>>> Given the discussion below, we need a solution that allows the user 
>>> to force an override for the IP address used for passive connections.
>> I wrote:
>>> If at all, give the use a change to optionally overwrite used IPs.
>> Which matches... And solves the problem without introducing broken 
>> logic.
>> If you are ONLY connecting to that server, don't ask at all. You know 
>> how to
>> connect.
>> Regards,
>>   Steffen
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