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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [scxml] including chunks of scxml code.
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 20:28:37 GMT
On 1/5/07, Nestor Urquiza <> wrote:
> Hi Rahul,
> While java can be used of course and I use it for a
> lot of helper methods like the one you propose for the
> given example, it breaks the needed separation of
> concerns for my case.
> While of course the example is simple to illustrate
> the need the bottom line is that I want to use (and I
> am using) commons-scxml as a Controller and so
> business rules (very complex ones) can be added
> without recompilation or java releases, accesible to
> operations guys that are very close to business people
> and far away from software developers.

There was a suggestion about XML entities; that is one possibility to
avoid recompilation, and works for executable content (where IDs are
not used).

> So, from your reply I understand commons-scxml does
> not implement <invoke> still. We have to wait for an
> agreement from W3C for invoke final implementation
> right?

<invoke> is in place, its just not advertised very much since we know
it may change. For example, you can register an invoker class for a
given targettype on the executor (see SCXMLExecutor Javadoc and follow
along from the registerInvokerClass() method).

> Just thinking aloud, I would expect SCXML to have
> features like XSLT templating which is nothing but the
> ability to reuse code thru functions. What you think?

All ideas are welcome. Some may be suitable for the spec (and won't be
handled here, unlike those for the impl).


> Thanks a bunch,
> -Nestor

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