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From "Tony Dean" <>
Subject [commons-httpclient] 1.x vs. 3.x
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 19:41:42 GMT

I'm using commons-httpclient 3.0.2 successfully on a new project that I'm working on.  However,
at the moment I'm having to enhance an old project that is dependent on commons-httpclient
1.x.  Can someone tell me what functionality is not available at 1.x.

- I assume http 1.0 is only supported, not http 1.1.
- basic auth seems to be supported... any sample code?
- proxy auth? ... any sample code?
- configure socket timeout... do I need to create my own socket to do this?
- setting arbitrary http headers... postMethod.setHeader(name, value).

Sorry to bring up the past!

Thanks for any assistance.

Tony Dean
SAS Institute Inc.

SAS... The Power to Know

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