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Subject Re: [Urgent] UTF-8 encoding problem
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 13:49:32 GMT
You can also try the GNU program recode by Fran├žois Pinard (available under
GNU/Linux, Unix and other systems as well. For example, the following command
line should start conversion from file x.xml and put the result in y.xml but
stop at the first character that is not really in UTF-8:

   recode UTF-8..ISO-8859-15 < x.xml > y.xml

You could then look at the end of the y.xml file to get an idea what is before
the wrong character.


Selon Tom <>:

> You could also try and use an encoding aware editor to edit the XML
> file; for example XMLSpy or Eclipse with the web tools plugins. These
> editors will interpret the specified encoding value and save the XML in
> that encoding. Very convenient!

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