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From "Dmitry Beransky" <>
Subject Re: [digester] setting parent properties after the child's
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2006 00:24:14 GMT
> The section titled
>  "How do I get CallMethodRule to fire before SetNextRule?"
> might be what you need..

thanks.  it did help.  I had to replace addSetProperties with
addCallMethod, so the final sequence of rules now looks like:

        digester.addObjectCreate("*/menu", "javax.swing.JMenu", "class");
"javax.swing.JMenuItem", "class");
        digester.addObjectCreate("*/menu/item/action", null, "class");
        digester.addCallMethod("*/menu/item", "setText", 1, new
        digester.addCallParam("*/menu/item/", 0, "title");
        digester.addSetNext("*/menu/item/action", "setAction");
        digester.addSetNext("*/menu/item", "add");

wow, this feels like such a hack to me, though.  Is this the only way
to get the behavior I want?


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