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From Jerome Louvel <>
Subject [ANN] Restlet supports Commons FileUpload
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 14:24:24 GMT
Hi all,

Restlet, a lightweight REST framework for Java, natively supports the 
Apache Commons FileUpload project.

Here is a summary of the main features:
      * REST concepts have equivalent Java classes (resource, 
representation, connector, etc.)
      * Suitable for both client and server Web applications
      * Automatic server-side content negotiation based on media type 
and language preferences
      * Static file serving and editing with metadata association based 
on file extensions
      * Support for representations like JSON, XML (DOM or SAX), 
FreeMarker templates (alternative to JSP)
      * Server connectors for HTTP, HTTPS and AJP (for Apache or IIS) 
      * Client connectors for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, JDBC and FILE protocols
      * Routers support the concept of URIs as UI with advanced pattern 
matching features
      * Filters support features such as authorization, browser 
tunnelling and extraction of call attributes
      * Support of HTTP Basic and Amazon Web Services authentication schemes
      * Deployment as native services using Java Service Wrapper
      * Supports blocking and non-blocking NIO modes
      * Clean Restlet API as a full alternative to the Servlet API
      * Noelios Restlet Engine (NRE) is the Reference Implementation 
(provided by Noelios Consulting)

Project home page:

Jerome Louvel

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