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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] enabling/disabling logging for var assignments
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 03:56:07 GMT
On 11/16/06, Nestor Urquiza <> wrote:
> Since it took me a while to learn about the
> commons-logging wrapper and current log engines I will
> post here my results just in case someone has a
> similar problem in the future:

Thanks for posting for the archives. I prefer the properties files for
quick configuration. See log4j manual [1] for details. Please feel
free to post any of this on the Commons SCXML wiki.

> questions/ideas:
> ---------------
> Wouldn't be better to include in both the tracert that
> implements SCXMLListener and the SCXMLListener itself
> a notification mechanism? We already have
> SCXMLListener#warning(), what about having
> SCXMLListener#trace()? That way we could trace what is
> happenning with most of the classes member of
> org.apache.commons.scxml.model which means we are able
> to track down what is happenning with the data model
> part.

The Tracer is meant to be a one-stop shop for basic examples -- it
provides a dummy impl (that logs callbacks) for most interfaces that
one needs while dealing with the Commons SCXML APIs.

The warning() method comes from the SAX ErrorHandler and is really
orthogonal to logging. Its probably best to stick with JCL the way its
currently done.



> Maybe PathResolverHolder is the place to specify a
> method trace() that could be generically implemented
> by an abstract class from where finally the data model
> bits would inherit. maybe the best way is just to
> separately define the trace() method for those bits we
> are interested in.
> Bottom line the idea of having a trace of what is
> going on and my failure to make the whole system log
> into a unique file made me think about this
> alternative which maybe is even better than just
> logging.
> Thanks,
> -Nestor

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