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Subject Réf. : Re: Subject: Réf. : Re: Réf. : Re: [NET] empty result with listFiles () method whereas I should get files
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 15:52:40 GMT

> Hmm. So you say that listFiles() actually returns a list of filenames?
> Without actually being able to access your setup, its difficult to know
where to look - are you in a position to to debug/step through the
FTPClient code?

Well, how could I have not seen this before ...

Thank you very much for your suggestion : I was until now launching my
class from a unix server, without debugging capacities. I've just launched
it from Eclipse and have stepped the FTPClient code, and in the end, it's
just a date parsing problem.
The server on which it doesn't work returns dates like that (through a LIST
command) :
"25 sep 13:38" (french date format i guess)
instead of "Sep 25 13:38" (which is the format used on any other machine)
(problem found in "parseFTPEntry()" on "file.setTimestamp(super
.parseTimestamp(datestr));" which throws an Exception)

Damn, i haven't seen that when I emulated ftp through a telnet-command line
(whereas at that time, i already had another date format returned by this
ftp server) ...

I'll see if I can modify the date format on the ftp server (maybe the
easiest solution for me).

Thanks again for your help.

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