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From "Sam Chatouille" <>
Subject [Net]FTP and proxy
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 09:34:16 GMT
Hello all,

I'm using FTPClient to connect to a FTP server. Everything works fine, I'm 
able to upload and downlaod, ...
But now, I have to use a proxy. I don't know the technical word for this 
kind of proxy, it's the proxy you set in IE or Firefox to access web pages 
(host and port). With FileZilla Client, it is named "HTTP 1.1".
I tried everyhing I found, but my FTPClient doesn't connect anymore :
System.getProperties().put( "socksProxyPort", "80");
System.getProperties().put( "socksProxyHost" ,"host");
but also with ftp.proxyHost, http.proxyHost, proxyHost, with and without 
("proxySet", "true"), ... nothing worked.

It would be really nice if you could give me some tips to reach my FTP 
server server again.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

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