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From "Dmitry Beransky" <>
Subject [digester] calling method with a constant param
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 18:15:03 GMT

I'm setting up rules for the following xml structure:

   <menu title="Edit" hotKey="E" parentId="parent1">...</menu>
   <menu title="View" hotKey="V">

here's what I have so far:

        digester.addObjectCreate("menus", LinkedList.class);
        digester.addObjectCreate("*/menu", "javax.swing.JMenu", "class");
        digester.addSetProperties("*/menu", "title", "text");
        digester.addCallMethod("*/menu", "setMnemonic", 1, new
        digester.addCallParam("*/menu", 0, "hotKey");

I'm having problems with the parentId attribute for which I need to
call putClientProperty("parentId", <id>) on the current menu object,
where "parentId" is a string literal (property name), and <id> is the
value of the parentId attribute of the <menu> element.  Any thoughts
on how to do this?


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