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From "Zmitko, Jan" <>
Subject Digester and using of java.util.Date
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 06:43:42 GMT

I´ve a question why it´s not possible to use "java.util.Date" in 
digester respectively in the digester rule file. Instead the type
"java.sql.Date" works.

Can someone explain me that´s the reason?

//xml file with data contains the following element

//xml file with rules contains the following definition
<call-method-rule pattern=3D"wertstellung" =
methodname=3D"setWertstellung" paramcount=3D"0"  =

//the corresponding code of the object is the following=09
private Date	werstellung 			=3D null;

public void setWertstellung(Date newWertstellung){
	this.werstellung =3D newWertstellung;

public Date getWerstellung() {
	return this.werstellung;

Thanks a lot, Jan

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