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From "Rory Winston" <>
Subject Re: [NET] FTP - changing SocketFactory object at runtime after some file transfers
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 09:25:59 GMT
Hi Sarath

Can you post your client code?


"Jakarta Commons Users List" <> wrote:

> ------=_Part_24973_2552562.1163751026688
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> Hi
> I use commons net 141 jars and connect to the FTP Server through proxy. I am
> using class and set my own SocketFactory in FTPClient. It
> works fine. But i want to know one thing. Once the connection is established
> and do some file transfers, can I change the SocketFactory object so that I
> can use a different proxy. When I tried that, it fails after I change the
> SocketFactory object and error code is 425. Can anybody comment on this
> please and say if its possible or should I create a new FTPClient object?
> Thanks in Advance
> Sarath K Ambadas
> ------=_Part_24973_2552562.1163751026688--

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