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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: What is the state of commons-vfs?
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 07:56:24 GMT
Hi Dmitry!

> Don't see any updates in commons-vfs project, and the latest news is dated 2005-09-26.
The last commit is from 28-Aug-2006 and some new features have been
implemented during the last year.

> We whould like to use it in our project. What is the development state of commons-vfs?
There is development, even tough, its very moderat. Mainly bugfixing and
rare new features. The reason that we don't have a release yet is simply
that I didn't take the time to prepare it.

> I see a large TODO list but have no idea is it going released someday?
Well, there should be work for the future ;-)
Personally, some of the TODO entries are just nothing I have a need for.
As always (often), an open-source project is driven from the needs of
the community.

The good news are, VFS can be treated as stable and releasable, the bad
news are that I am the only "active" developer currently, tough, I use
it in our application too, so you can be sure there will be support for
fixing bugs - not only from me, but also from the Jakarta Commons community.


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