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From "Arijit Mukherjee" <>
Subject RE: [fielupload] how much big size file can be handled?
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 14:32:45 GMT
I've been able to upload files almost upto 2GB. I'm stuck at files >
2GB, and I suspect it's because of the native O/S and not a commons
fileupload problem.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Leena Kulkarni [] 
>Sent: 03 October 2006 11:53
>Subject: [fielupload] how much big size file can be handled?
> Hi Friends,
>I have few questions about the commons file upload.
>1) Is commons file upload suitable for uploading
>files>10MB in size?
>What we have observed that commons file upload load a file in 
>memory. So for files > 10MB the deply in response is too much.
>Is this right? Is there something we are missing?
>Is there any other good variation of commons file upload if we 
>have to use it for uploads upto 30MB?
>2)When we try uploading a file>40MB, we are getting Items list as 0.
>So there is nothing to iterate on and check if it is a file.
>Code is like the following:
>// Create a new file upload handler
>ServletFileUpload upload = new
>// Parse the request
>List /* FileItem */ items =
>// Process the uploaded items
>Iterator iter = items.iterator();
>while (iter.hasNext()) {
>    FileItem item = (FileItem);
>    if (item.isFormField()) {
>        processFormField(item);
>    } else {
>        processUploadedFile(item);
>    }
>We trapped this scenario and added code to show some 
>customized error when Items are 0. But then it takes agaes to 
>display the error message on screen when from the logs we can 
>make out that the control did go till the point of displaying 
>the error message to screen.
>Do not know why this behaviour for large files [>40MB]. It can 
>be good to know the some threshold at which such error occurs 
>and if it is a known problem with commons fileupload.
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