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From "Konstantin Breu" <>
Subject FYI: VFS/jcifs with windows shares (JDK 1.4.2_12)
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 08:17:14 GMT
this is no direct question to the group, I just would like to forward a mail
we sent to the jcifs list.
Short Description: We have problems when connecting to smb shares of Windows
Servers with jcifs + JDK 1.4.2_12. As this also affects commons VFS (which
uses jcifs for smb) I send it to this list. In our tests, jcif clients
running with Windows + Linux were affected.
Kind Regards,

Hi all,

we recently switched to j2sdk1.4.2_12 and there we have a Problem fetching
contents of a share using jcifs. The problem doesn't exists in
j2sdk1.4.2_11 nor in jdk1.5.0_08 nor recent RC of 1.6.

I've attached a small test class demonstrating the problem. The class tries
to connect to a share passed as param (something like
"smb://user:pw@some.machine/some_share/") and lists the content. With all
jdks except 1.4.2_12 the result is ok, but with 1.4.2_12 something like this
is returned:

****** loop files
****** smb://x:x@some.server/webdav_test/?/
****** smb://x:x@some.server/webdav_test/??/
****** smb://x:x@some.server/webdav_test/???????????????
****** smb://x:x@some.server/webdav_test/????????????/
****** smb://x:x@some.server/webdav_test/??/
****** smb://x:x@some.server/webdav_test/??????????
****** smb://x:x@some.server/webdav_test/???????????????

I tried connections to (german) win2000 and win2003 server, both return the
result above. If connecting to a smb-server running on linux the result is
ok. I tried setting jcifs.encoding to different values (cp1252, utf8) but
without any success.

I checked the release notes of 1.4.2_12 but anything of the changes looks
like it affects this.

Any Ideas?


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