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From "Mike Sparr -" <>
Subject [SCXML] config Listener
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:24:27 GMT
Hey Rahul,

I've been swamped so have not finished porting our app to the latest build.
A few other tasks in configuration and session mgmt first.  In looking into
Commons Configuration, I see they have a ConfigurationListener interface
that invokes a configurationChanged() method.

I'm curious whether something similar might be a useful enhancement to SCXML
that could allow invoking a new digestion of the SCXML engine document?
This would be similar to hot deploy but merely an optional interface
allowing that to be 'handled' if hot deploy were needed.  This would allow
the application to be updated perhaps by a graphical editor changing the
State Chart and updating the engine document.

I think minimally from an application testing perspective this would be
valuable instead of restarting app or app server.




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