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From Från Claes <>
Subject [SCXML] Complex workflow design
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 09:00:34 GMT
Hi, I'm a bit unsure on how to proceed with SCXML to add workflow 
functionality to my rather complex chart. The chart can be seen at:

Sorry that it is in Swedish, but my problem can be visualized anyhow. 
Proceeding to "Vänta på klartecken" is straighforward, I then decided I 
needed four parallell states to handle the continuation. The problem occurs 
when these four parallell tracks depend on each other. Do you have any 
guidelines on how to handle these dependencies SCXML-wise?

The meaning of two arrows going to the same box is that both predecessors 
must be fulfilled to enter the box. Never mind the J and N arrows for now 
since they somewhat contradicts the rule I just mentioned.

Should I somehow handle dependencies with more parallell tracks, event 
conditions, joins or a combination of everything? I'm at lost here and a bit 
short of time.


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