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Subject FTP initiateListParsing
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 18:44:33 GMT

I'm having difficulty with a subclass of FTPClient. I need to use a
special parser as the server has a very unusual setup not covered by
any of the existing frameworks (I'm trying to get business approval to
submit code into the project..)

Anyhow, I have my own parser, let's call it MyFTPParser, extending
ConfigurableFTPFileEntryParserImpl which I then pass into
initiateListParsing with MyFTPParser.class.getCanonicalName(). (btw -
why don't we accept a Class object here, this seems it would be
useful). However, when I then call the returned Engine's getFiles() I
can see in Eclipse debug mode that I do not have an instance of
MyFTPParser, but rather the default FTP Parser for the base server
class (MVS)!

I don't seem to have any way to set the parser, and it doesn't appear
to be following the javadoc. initiateListParsing is supposed to throw
an exception if it can not load the class name provided, I can give it
complete gobbly gook and it will always return to me the base server
parser, MVS, when it should fail. I realize I've probably got a silly
user error here, but I've already wasted two hours trying to find it
to no avail.

Please help, and thanks for a great product! :-)

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