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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] Using the markup lanaguage to produce state charts in Windows XP/Explorer Client-side?
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 19:06:56 GMT
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Commons SCXML email subjects with [SCXML], as I've done here.

On 8/16/06, Talmage Wesley <> wrote:
> Does anybody know  how would  one use State Chart XML (SCXML): State Machine Notation
for Control  Abstraction?
> I understand the the Markup  part, but I am not sure as to the Java programming, Installation
> and test simple  charts?

A good way to begin is probably to browse through all the sections of
the Commons SCXML website:

For example, per Java programming, we have the Javadoc:

the user guide:

and the usecases section:

For installation/use, dependencies are listed here:

Not all are needed, core requirements are listed in the FAQ:

There is a command line interface for trying out simple SCXML documents:

Let us know if you have specific questions about any of the above.

Coming to the subject of this email, Commons SCXML does not provide
(and never will) a bridge to the client-side Windows XP/IE
environment. Native client-side support will appear gradually (over
the next few years) as the specification matures -- I know there are
have been prototypes to add support to Gecko based (graphical) as well
as speech browsers. It may be possible to use Commons SCXML for some
clients that can work with a JRE. What is your usecase?

> What is the path to using the  markup lanaguage solely for the charts and then as a later
challange take on the  active charts aspect?

Sorry, can you please explain what you mean by the above line?


> Thanks
> Talmage

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