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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: Re: Javaflow: suspending a thread from outside the thread
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 14:30:28 GMT
> I see your point.
> But it is not trivial to periodically check a context variable if the
> thread performs complex calculation and uses other object's methods
> which take a long time to execute.
> In java, I could just call Thread.stop(), even if it is depricated...

Deprecated because in reality you should never use it. Maybe google a
bit about it. Especially true if you are using native code - not java.

> But this is not a Javaflow specific problem but merely a general
> thread problem that I should solve.

True. There are ways to do this ...but building this into javaflow - I
am not sure whether that's really the right way. And you could still
not stop the continuation at any time. If you would execute a long
running external task you would still have to wait (e.g. database
selects)! Javaflow works a (little) bit like cooperative multitasking
in this regards.

> I think I can find a work around with introducing some overhead for
> the user so that he has to check the context during his calculations,
> although it will slow down the calculation.

Well, otherwise this would be just hidden through javaflow. Maybe
slightly less overhead - but I am not even sure how the requirement
for synchronization would affect the execution speed.

If you want to do stuff like that I suggest to split your tasks.


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