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From Chris Hane <>
Subject Do <c:out/> and JSF play together?
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 05:05:58 GMT
I am trying to create an array of arrays (basically a lookup) in 
javascript on my page.  When I execute the following, I get an error 
that c:out is not recognized.

<c:out> Tag Library supports namespace:, 
but no tag was defined for name: out

I am using
  - myfaces 1.1.3
  - facelets 1.1.11
  - jboss/seam (latest)
  - jstl (not sure how to tell which version - looks like 1.1)

Here is the code:

<h:form id="form1">
<snip lots of facelets code/>

<script type="text/javascript" language="Javascript1.1">
     ship = new Array(
       <c:forEach items="#{cart.methodThatReturnsASet}" var="rate">
          new Array(<c:out value="#{}"/>,
                    <c:out value="#{rate.amount}"/>)

I am trying to output two properties from each item in the set.  I've 
tried different variations on the <c:out /> without success 
(<h:outputText/>, straight el without a tag).

Any thoughts on how I can output the two properties on the iterated items?


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