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From "Richard Koch" <>
Subject [Commns Validators] url Validation - does it still exist?
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 13:57:45 GMT
I am trying to use the commons validator framework within my JSP/JSF

The validateEmail tag works great; however, I cannot get the validateUrl to
work no matter what I try.  I found different examples and documentation re:
the validateUrl tag use in JSP.

For example, a working validateEmail example is this:

   <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="t"%>
   <h:inputText id="email2"
       <t:validateEmail />

The MyFaces source code has a validateUrl tag example with a prefix of s and
I have found it documented on apache's website with prefix of x
( I have tried all of
these different syntaxes...

	<f:validator validatorId="org.myfaces.validator.Url" />

I cannot get any of these url validation tag syntaxes to work.  The t, s, x
prefix syntax gives no error and just seems to be ignored.  When I try the
validatorId syntax, I get an exception that the id does not exist.  

I looked in the jar files (tomahawk-1.1.3.jar and
commons-validator-1.3.0.jar) and notice that UrlValidator class is there,
but a Tag class and validate*.js are not in the jar files, like they are for
the email Validator (validateEmail.js and ValidateEqualTag.class).

The jar files I have currently in use are:

Can anyone tell me how to use urlValidator in my jsp pages and what jar file
I might be missing OR can anyone tell me if it is just not supported



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