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From "Stuart Rossiter" <>
Subject RE: [VFS] Known hosts checking for SFTP Ant tasks?
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 09:09:42 GMT

  Thanks for your help on this.

Just to let you know that I never got this working on Windows - it
didn't seem to like known_hosts files in any of these locations (well,
the presumed Windows equivalents) and I'm pretty sure the format was
correct (I used the format that FileZilla produces in making its
connections, which seems to be the canonical one).

I'm leaving this for now (I had to resort to using the J2SSH Maverick
Ant task, which worked well). Looks like some work might be needed on
documentation for use of the Ant tasks in Windows / Linux, since there's
no way to get an SFTP transfer working without having known_hosts set up

Thanks,  Stuart

>> So the questions remains! In the "black box" Ant task implementation,
>> where is the code looking for the known_hosts file (running on
>> XP)??
>The code is in VFSs SftpClientFactory class.
>It will look for a ssh-dir by:
>*) taking the system property vfs.sftp.sshdir
>*) searching in ${user.home}/.ssh
>*) searching in c:/cygwin/home/${}/.ssh
>*) use the current directory

>The first existing directory will be used. Its assumed to find a
>known_hosts file in this directory.

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