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From "C. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Snapshot timestamped version has disappeared from the m1 snapshot repo!
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 09:58:14 GMT
Hash: SHA1

>> Because I want everyone to be able to build cargo... A build is supposed to
>> work out of the box. If cargo developers and users have to go through a step
>> of fishing for jars before they can build it then it's a no-go and BTW
>> defeats completely one primary purpose of Maven (dependency handling).

sorry, didn't know what cargo is. I understand your problem now
- - Chris

>> Thanks
>> -Vincent
> - Chris
> Vincent Massol wrote:
>>>>> -----Original Message-----
>>>>> From: Mario Ivankovits []
>>>>> Sent: jeudi 27 juillet 2006 09:01
>>>>> To: Jakarta Commons Users List
>>>>> Subject: Re: [VFS] Snapshot timestamped version has disappeared from
> the
>>>>> m1 snapshot repo!
>>>>> Hi Vincent!
>>>>>> Someone just told me that Cargo is not building anymore because the
>>>>> 20060719
>>>>>> snapshot is no longer there! I checked and it's not there...
>>>>> Yes, the automated build process only keeps a week of builds.
>>>>> As a quick fix I updated the -SNAPSHOT to point to the build from
>>>>> 26-July-2006 (its a copy for now, so wont disappear)
>>>>> Could you change your build to use the -SNAPSHOT?
>>>> I'll try to do this but it's only marginally better than before. I don't
>>>> want the cargo build to try every day to use a new snapshot if there's
> one.
>>>> That would be good for a tool like Gump but I don't want Cargo to track
> the
>>>> VFS snapshots. I want to decide what version I use and I want to control
>>>> when I want to move to a new version. Otherwise it's simply going to be
> too
>>>> much maintenance work.
>>>> So what I really need is a version of VFS that is not going to go away
> (even
>>>> a timestamped version is fine but don't delete it. Maybe simply put it
> in
>>>> the Maven 1 Release Repository so that it doesn't get deleted. Call it
>>>> 1.0-200607271124 for example.
>>>> BTW on a related note I think the versioning scheme for VFS is not
> correct.
>>>> I think it should have the target version number in the file name.
> Instead
>>>> of "SNAPSHOT", it should be "1.0-SNAPSHOT". Imagine that you start
> working
>>>> on a 2.0 branch for example.
>>>> The best is of course for you to release a 0.1 version. VFS had been
> going
>>>> on for what, a year? More? It's really a bad practice to not release a
>>>> framework for such a long period of time. I understand the version (like
> the
>>>> API is not stabilized, etc) but that's not right. What you can be sure
> of is
>>>> that if a framework is late in releasing versions then people are going
> to
>>>> use snapshot versions as if they were releases and they'll complain the
> same
>>>> if something changes, etc.
>>>> This leads me to the conclusion that the VFS project doesn't want any
>>>> serious users at this point in time. Otherwise you would have released a
>>>> version. You're only interested in people doing experiments. Thus as
> Cargo
>>>> has been released several times already I don't think it should use VFS.
>>>> Right now I've kept the usage of VFS for our unit tests (not production
>>>> code) and unfortunately this is going to prevent us from using it for
> our
>>>> production code till there's a first version (even a 0.1 version).
>>>>> Eventually, later, we will automatically set this snapshot to always
> the
>>>>> latest build.
>>>>> Which again might bring up some problems for you, as then the build can
>>>>> fail due to internal VFS changes, though, that happened not that often
> -
>>>>> not to say, it happened never before ;-)
>>>>>> Luckily I had not gone too far in using VFS and it can be
>>>>>> removed quite easily but that would be a real pity as I'm starting
>>>>> like
>>>>>> it...
>>>>> Don't jump the gun, I'll help you :-)
>>>>> Sorry for the inconvenience!
>>>> Thanks for your help Mario, real appreciated! Now I've come to the
>>>> conclusion that the only way to progress is to get a 0.1 VFS release
> out.
>>>> Just release whatever you have in SVN trunk and call it 0.1.
>>>> WDYT?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -Vincent

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