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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Snapshot timestamped version has disappeared from the m1 snapshot repo!
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 09:52:20 GMT
Hi Vincent!

If VFSs live would only be that easy ;-) .... but read on ...

> So what I really need is a version of VFS that is not going to go away (even
> a timestamped version is fine but don't delete it.
Ok, no problem, I'll copy the current snapshot to a different name.
Done: commons-vfs-20060726051400.jar is yours, as far as I know now it
wont match the nightly algo and so wont be deleted (at least with the
other snapshots its the case)

> The best is of course for you to release a 0.1 version. VFS had been going
> on for what, a year? More? It's really a bad practice to not release a
> framework for such a long period of time.
There are still a couple of problems:
* we depend on commons-compress which itself is a sandbox component and
therefore cant be released and therefore we cant release as its not
allow to release with a snapshot dependency
* we depend on jcifs (samba/smb) which changed its license in the past
to lgpl, so this is a violation of the ASF rules we currently investigate.
* we depend on slide-client (webdav) where also no release is in sight

commons-compress is on the way to stabilize/rewrite the api, but this is
only done on a contributor base (no committer active now) and thus might
take some time. Though, we received the contributors CLA and Thorsten
would like to help to commit the stuff.
Afterwards its planned to promote compress and release it, though, its
questionable how the other developers in commons think about it, still,
there are not that much developers working on compress (as in VFS)

The jcifs problem is in discussion. During the ApacheCon EU this year I
was told about a way how to solve it within apache, its now on legal@ to
fell the last decision.

Well, and slide, I thought I'll fell a decision about it once the above
both points are fixed.

> This leads me to the conclusion that the VFS project doesn't want any
> serious users at this point in time.
Not true, the API is stable, in fact I wished I could release. One
solution a developer outlined was to import the commons-compress and
slide codebase into vfs and externalize the jcifs file provider. While
possible, I dont want to maintain this code in VFS. Especially slide is
too "heavy".

Still, really bad preconditions for a early release, unhappily :-(


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