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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Can Jelly SQL branch on table existence, or error conditions?
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 20:51:41 GMT

you definitely need to see at least the unit test scripts.

All taglibs in jelly src distribution is under 
<jelly-home>/jelly-tags/<taglib-name> you can see the current version of 
the svn trunk at
among others, I see a catch at:
Sorry for the wrong track.. there's no try just a catch...

As to the var attribute of the query tag... this is really just the 
result... it is of class org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.sql.ResultImpl I 
think. Better see the javadoc to see the things you can do on it.
Among others, if <query var="r"/> then ${r.rows} will give you an array 
of maps of length ${r.rowCount}. I'm commenting all this only by reading 
the source right now... so consider these as hints.

hope that helps.


Karr, David wrote:
> Where is an example of how to wrap a "sql:update" in a try/catch?  I
> found some limited examples by grepping the core source tree (I can't
> find the source for the SQL tag library anywhere), but I don't
> understand them. 
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Paul Libbrecht [] 
>> Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 12:38 AM
>> To: Jakarta Commons Users List
>> Subject: Re: Can Jelly SQL branch on table existence, or 
>> error conditions?
>> At worst the core's try/catch should help you, or ?
>> Feel free to suggest added tags such as "tableAvailable" or 
>> "dbMetadata" 
>> or...
>> paul
>> Karr, David wrote:
>>> I'm guessing the primary commons-user answerers are in a very 
>>> different time zone, so I guess I'm going to burst out a bunch of 
>>> questions, instead of waiting for answers for each one.
>>> In my Jelly SQL script, I'm going to need to drop and 
>> recreate a set 
>>> of tables.  In order for this to work, it has to deal with any 
>>> variation of those tables existing or not.  For instance, 
>> if the table 
>>> doesn't exist, dropping the table will fail in some way, so 
>> I'll need 
>>> to be able to ignore the error, perhaps.  If I did this 
>> with plain sql 
>>> tasks in Ant, it will just fail the Ant script if the drop 
>> fails, and 
>>> I don't see how to get back info into the Ant script indicating 
>>> whether the table exists or not.
>>> Is this feasible in Jelly SQL?
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