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From Philippe Poulard <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Why resolveFile API doesn't accepting URI ?
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 09:27:56 GMT
Vincent Massol wrote:
> Hi Mario,
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Mario Ivankovits []
>>Sent: lundi 17 juillet 2006 08:25
>>To: Jakarta Commons Users List
>>Subject: Re: [VFS] Why resolveFile API doesn't accepting URI ?
>>>I've just tried to use VFS and I was surprised to see that the
>>>API does not have a signature accepting a URI object.
>>I think (this decision were felt before I jumped to VFS) the main reason
>>is, that vfs supports "layered" URIs. So you can have
>>The java URI class cant really deal with this, can it?
> I think it can. See
> They give this example in the javadoc:
> urn:isbn:096139210x
> In addition the general format is: [scheme:]scheme-specific-part[#fragment]
> I'm not an expert but I guess one could consider that the scheme is
> "tar:gz:http" in your example above.

not at all : the scheme is "tar" and the scheme specific part is the 
remainder ; unfortunately, the URI class doesn't perform further parsing 
for the other parts because the RFCs doesn't specify a separator ; VFS 
uses "!"


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