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From "Jon Brule" <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] Datamodel / Assign expression error
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2006 01:22:01 GMT
>> Good evening,
>> I am using an SCXML state machine to model the life of a user profile
>> bean. To this end, I am attempting to use a root-level data model to
>> indicate which properties are mutable and when during the life cycle
>> of the user profile. The preliminary SCXML is as follows:
>>    <onentry>
>>      <assign location="Data(userprof,'UserProfile/UserID')" expr="N"/>
>>    </onentry>
>The location attribute is an expression, and hence, when using JSP 2.0
>EL should be wrapped in ${...}
>See this test case for various <assign> usages when the SCXML document
>uses EL (long URL, may get fragmented):


Thanks for the quick answer. I tried to wrap the expression as shown below:

      <assign location="${Data(userprof,'UserProfile/UserID')}" expr="N"/>

But I got the following error messages:
2006-07-01 21:02:44,625 [main] WARN  org.apache.commons.scxml.Builtin
- Data(): No nodes matching the XPath expression "UserProfile/UserID",
returning null
2006-07-01 21:02:44,625 [main] ERROR  - <assign>:
location does not point to a <data> node

The datamodel I am trying to access is as follows:
    <data name="userprof">

Is there a problem with the <UserID/> tag being an empty tag? Is there
a problem with my accessing the datamodel from within an <onentry/>


Jon Brule

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