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From Nestor Urquiza <>
Subject [scxml] TriggerEvent.ERROR_EVENT type behavior
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 13:42:02 GMT
Hello guys,
I guess because of my own mistake at some point I
evts[0] = new TriggerEvent("app.error",    
        TriggerEvent.ERROR_EVENT, null);
to manage an error assumming that being the type =
"ERROR" and having defined in my scxml:
<n:transition event="app.error" target="IDDLE"/>
the engine would go directly to IDDLE state and no
other code would be executed from the scxml file.

Going thru the code I see that this is wrong
assumption since at least the last version of
SCXMLExecutor#triggerEvents() restores the rest of the
events data (restoreEventData(oldData);) and so the
scxml continues executing the uneeded code.

My question is ... is this a feature could/should be
implemented? This is, when firing an error transition
just ignore the rest of the actions to be executed and
just execute the error event specified by
TriggerEvent() constructor. If this is not an expected
behavior from the SCXML specification I guess I can
have the same behavior if I am able to call
SCXMLExecutor#setEventData() to just clear the pending
events, however this method is private. 

Thanks as always for any help,

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