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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [commons-lang] seek information regarding commons-lang package
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2006 21:29:21 GMT
Hi Venkat,

On Tue, 2006-06-27 at 11:04 +0530, Venkat Narayana, Noida wrote:
> Dear Members,
>     we are using Commons-lang version 2.0 in our project. Recently my management took
a decision to migrate the application from websphere 4.0 to websphere 6.0. I have a few queries
regarding the compatabily of the Commons-lang freeware on the new platform. could you please
provide this information?
> 1.Is Commons-lang version 2.0  compatible with websphere6.0 or JDK 1.4 or J2EE 1.4?

If Websphere doesn't depend on commons-lang itself, then I can't imagine
there being any problem.

If Websphere does depend on commons-lang for its own implementation then
there might be a problem if you try to use a different version. As I
don't use Websphere I can't tell you whether it uses lang or not;
obviously you can check this easily enough with a quick directory search
through a Websphere install.

> 2. Do you provide commercial support for this version of Commons-lang . or else can you
give me the details of any third party that provide commercial support for this version of
Commons-lang .

The Apache Software Foundation doesn't offer "support contracts" of any
sort. The commons email lists have a large number of helpful and
talented people subscribed to them, so any technical questions you have
are likely to be answered pretty quickly but there are no contractual

The commons-lang code is fairly simple; as long as you have competent
java programmers available you should be able to address any issues
yourselves; the source is of course freely available and the build/test
procedures are simple and well documented. Ask one of your in-house
developers to download the source and have a look.

For commercial support, you could perhaps talk to covalent
( Alternatively, I'm pretty sure that JBoss and IBM
both offer products that use commons-lang so I expect they can offer
support (though they might be a tad expensive). I'm sure there are
hundreds of other companies that can offer support if needed; one of the
great benefits of open source is that support is not limited to the
original author of the code (though of course you do need to be a bit
more careful determining who is competent to provide that support).

However I wouldn't recommend looking for a support contract just for
lang; the probability of encountering an issue is low and the code isn't
large or complicated so dealing with it yourselves (with the help of the
people on this list) is probably the best solution.

> 3. Can you provide information on the user base for this freeware. or any website links
where I can get the information.

Sorry, don't have any exact links I can give you but it is very widely

> 4. If we have any problem regarding Commons-lang version 2.0 dependancies issues can
we contact you?

You are always welcome to post questions to this list.

If you're confident that you have found a bug that needs addressing then
you can also file that in the issue tracker



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