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From "Tony Cooke" <>
Subject RE: [commons vfs] ftp DefaultFileMonitor issue
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 07:19:02 GMT

> Hi Tony!
> > The problems is I think I need to use 2 different user IDs and
> > to get to the data.
> >
> I understand exactly what you meant. The problem is, I dont know yet
> to do this double login with httpclient (the library used for http

Hi Mario. No problems. I'll see if I can use httpclient to do this and
let you know, if I get some time over the weekend.

> What type of authentication do the proxy use? Is it a simple http
> one (e.g. the login popup) or a special html page you have to fill and
> submit?

Our company uses Microsoft ISA so I gather it would be using either NTLM
or Kerberos authentication. We have an all Windows environment and the
proxy authentication is transparent, thus my reasoning of the above
authentication methods.

> If you can came up with an working example how to do this with
> httpclient ( I'll
> appreciate this and implement this in VFS as soon as possible.
> The problem is, I have no time to take a look at it myself, sorry.

I'll try and have a go over the weekend. The problem is I don't have a
proxy at home so I may need to log onto work and try through there. I
should be able to.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to answer my emails and help
me. I hope I haven't taken too much of your time either.

All the best,

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