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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject RE: [VFS] Snapshot timestamped version has disappeared from the m1 snapshot repo!
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 10:03:07 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mario Ivankovits []
> Sent: jeudi 27 juillet 2006 11:52
> To: Jakarta Commons Users List
> Subject: Re: [VFS] Snapshot timestamped version has disappeared from the
> m1 snapshot repo!
> Hi Vincent!
> If VFSs live would only be that easy ;-) .... but read on ...
> > So what I really need is a version of VFS that is not going to go away
> (even
> > a timestamped version is fine but don't delete it.
> Ok, no problem, I'll copy the current snapshot to a different name.
> Done: commons-vfs-20060726051400.jar is yours, as far as I know now it
> wont match the nightly algo and so wont be deleted (at least with the
> other snapshots its the case)

Ok thanks!
> > The best is of course for you to release a 0.1 version. VFS had been
> going
> > on for what, a year? More? It's really a bad practice to not release a
> > framework for such a long period of time.
> There are still a couple of problems:
> * we depend on commons-compress which itself is a sandbox component and
> therefore cant be released and therefore we cant release as its not
> allow to release with a snapshot dependency
> * we depend on jcifs (samba/smb) which changed its license in the past
> to lgpl, so this is a violation of the ASF rules we currently investigate.
> * we depend on slide-client (webdav) where also no release is in sight
> commons-compress is on the way to stabilize/rewrite the api, but this is
> only done on a contributor base (no committer active now) and thus might
> take some time. Though, we received the contributors CLA and Thorsten
> would like to help to commit the stuff.
> Afterwards its planned to promote compress and release it, though, its
> questionable how the other developers in commons think about it, still,
> there are not that much developers working on compress (as in VFS)
> The jcifs problem is in discussion. During the ApacheCon EU this year I
> was told about a way how to solve it within apache, its now on legal@ to
> fell the last decision.
> Well, and slide, I thought I'll fell a decision about it once the above
> both points are fixed.

I think you have 2 solutions here:

1) Do a release of those projects. You're using them in VFS which means
they're working to some level and having a first release would be good.
Basically do to them what I'm asking you for VFS :-). That will allow you to
release a first version of VFS.

2) Separate VFS core from the different filesystem implementations:
- vfs-core.jar
- vfs-fs-ram.jar, etc

Release VFS core and all the filesystems that can be released.

Personally I only use the core and the ram and local filesystems so that
would fit my need too.

I think solution 1) is the best and probably the easiest to do quickly.
> > This leads me to the conclusion that the VFS project doesn't want any
> > serious users at this point in time.
> Not true, the API is stable, in fact I wished I could release. One
> solution a developer outlined was to import the commons-compress and
> slide codebase into vfs and externalize the jcifs file provider. While
> possible, I dont want to maintain this code in VFS. Especially slide is
> too "heavy".

You could also do it using jarjar. In this manner you won't have to maintain
anything. The downside (which is why I wouldn't recommend it) is that users
will not be able to use a newer version of those dependencies if they want
so and they need to wait for a vfs release.

I think solutions 1 and 2 above should work fine, no?
> Still, really bad preconditions for a early release, unhappily :-(
> Sorry!

You shouldn't let your project be stopped from releasing simply because one
of your dependency is not releasing! Let me know if solutions 1 or 2 are



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