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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject RE: [VFS] Why resolveFile API doesn't accepting URI ?
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 11:24:51 GMT

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> From: Philippe Poulard []
> Sent: lundi 17 juillet 2006 13:12
> To: Jakarta Commons Users List
> Subject: Re: [VFS] Why resolveFile API doesn't accepting URI ?

> URIs are classified in opaque URIs and hierarchical URIs ; the uri1 in
> your example is hierarchical, the uri2 is opaque, but it looks like a
> hierarchical URI ; what we can't do with opaque URIs ? well... resolving
> a relative URI regarding it

Ok, that's a good point. I believe it would still be possible for VFS to
transform an opaque URI object into an internal hierarchical layered URI,
but fine I now understand the point.

As I mentioned in my first mail, the reason I'm asking all these questions
is because I need to take the decision as to whether to use the URI class in
Cargo or a String object. From what you say I think a URI would still work
and I would call resolveFile() passing it myURI.toString().

Thanks for your help,


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