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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject [VFS] Snapshot timestamped version has disappeared from the m1 snapshot repo!
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 22:51:32 GMT

I've started using VFS last week on Cargo. As there were no releases I used
a snapshot which Henri had kindly put in the Apache Maven1 Snapshot

Someone just told me that Cargo is not building anymore because the 20060719
snapshot is no longer there! I checked and it's not there...

Now Cargo is not building for all users and developers. I don't know who's
had that brilliant idea of removing snapshots but that was not a good idea,
especially without giving advance warnings to all projects using them.

Now mind you I'm only using the snapshot repo because I'm forced to! There's
no release at all of VFS. Not even a 0.1 version!

I really hope a quick version can be released or the snapshot repository
fixed (the former being the preferred solution I believe) very fast as
otherwise it'll cause problems and we can't tolerate that our build fails
arbitrarily. Luckily I had not gone too far in using VFS and it can be
removed quite easily but that would be a real pity as I'm starting to like

Sorry for the rant but this is really annoying me like nothing else. For me
the build is sacred and I pride myself in having a functioning build at all
times. Maven detractors are going to love this. This is going to be a huge
loss for Maven BTW. Imagine all those Maven projects depending on apache
snapshots that are now going to fail suddenly. Hani is going like it ;-)

BTW this shows the big downside of Maven. It only works if the remote repo
is stable. The worse is that you don't notice it as your build will continue
to work happily as your local repo still has the missing jars.



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