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From "Mike Sparr -" <>
Subject [SCXML] add custom FunctionMapper to EL for string manipulation functions
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 06:12:58 GMT
Does anyone have example usage of ELEvaluator(FunctionMapper)?  I downloaded
JSTL 1.1 and going through library but few examples on how to implement.

Goal is to add some more functions with EL (like substringAfter,
substringBefore, tokenize(var,delim), etc.).

Also, the commons ELEvaluator references deprecated FunctionMapper as noted
in Sun's documentation:

" Please note that as of JSP 2.1, all classes and interfaces that were in
package javax.servlet.jsp.el have been deprecated in favor of the new
unified Expression Language APIs (javax.el). See the Expression Language
specification document for more details.

While a JSP container must still support the deprecated APIs defined in
javax.servlet.jsp.el, developers should only rely on the new javax.el APIs
for new development work. "


Ideal functionality when scripting SCXML doc:

<var name="foo" expr="First Last Email"/>
<var name='fooTokens' expr='${tokenize(foo," ")}'/>



OR, when using VXML 2.0 builtin grammar for currency, when user says
"dollars" the value passed is prefixed with USD (e.g. "20 dollars" is passed
as "USD20").  It would be helpful to have some string manipulation functions
like substringAfter("USD20","USD") to parse out the 20.


If anyone knows how to add the FunctionMappers or best way to implement the
above 2 cases minimum, I'm all ears.  :)



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