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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: Usage of commons-config
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2006 20:08:00 GMT
Michiel Kalkman wrote:
> Hi,
> We're considering the use of commons-config in our projects.
> Can anyone tell me whether commons-config can be used in combination with
> any of the following frameworks ? (*)
> Struts
> Log4j
> Cocoon
> Hibernate
> Spring
> (*) And by this I mean in particular whether it is easy to use the 
> variables
> specified in a (previously read) commons configuration.
I am not aware of a specific integration of Commons Configuration into 
one of these projects. But I have not used one of these in combination 
with Commons Configuration, so somebody else might give a more qualified 

> Also, I wondered how variables are being evaluated. Is there a standard
> class which processes the XML files BEFORE they are added to a 
> Configuration
> instance ? I.e. some kind of SAX XML filter ? Would be nice, as other
> projects could use this very same mechanism to first evaluate variables,
> before evaluating content.
> Or are the values first added to a Configuration instance and only
> afterwards evaluated ? Is there any relation with variable processing as in
> Ant ?
Variables are stored as they are in configuration objects. They are 
evaluated on property access. There is no relation to variables in Ant.

> Thanks and regards,
> Michiel


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