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From Tom <>
Subject Re: [Commons Configuration] idea
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 14:17:27 GMT

> - Property selectors (or filters) allow conditional property values.
I like the conditional properties. Hmmmm. A lot even, becase it gives a 
better overview instead of separate files! So I'm going to adapt my 
class to also search for this notation style, because I want a key-value 


or better:


since that would be compatible with the Properties class.

> - Multienvironment: allows having different properties for different
> environments which can be selected by running the app with different
> system properties:

I think that I don't get multienvironment thingy completely, seems 
rather complex and they use "is replaced" and I don't like that. I 
prefer the bottom-up search appraoch: first try to find the definition 
in the most detailled scope, if not found then find in a lesser scope, 
etc (similar to the getAttribute in web application pages). And you need 
to explicitely include files, instead of auto search. Plus, using a 
"system=xxx" notation you can do it with conditional properties.


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