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From Jan du Toit <>
Subject Re: [FileUpload] filename upper/lower case issue for uploaded files
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 06:09:53 GMT

I'm trying to download a version of FileUpload that contains the fix for 
the upper/lower case issue.
It seems as if there is no nightly builds at the link given on the website.

I am also unable to checkout the latest version FileUpload from
Can somebody please provide me with a link to download a version that 
contains the patch for this issue.

Thank you very much.
Regards, Jan.

>This is a bug that was fixed in January. If you need the fix, then you can
>pick up a recent nightly build of Commons FileUpload. There have been no
>other changes to the code base since FileUpload 1.1 was released, so picking
>up a nightly build is safe.

>Martin Cooper

>>On 3/24/06, David Zhang <> wrote:
>> I am writing a web page for uploading documents. I use FileItem.getName()
>> to
>> retrieve the original file name. However the string returned by this
>> method
>> contains lonly lower case letters. Why? How can I a filename with correct
>> upper/lower cases?
>> Thanks!
>> P.S. Just join this group. Sent this question once but it seems that it
>> did
>> not go through.
>> Forgive me if you receive it twice.

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