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From "hrjk" <>
Subject Re: [commons vfs]: Handling large packages, memory error
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 14:25:04 GMT

Things are looking even more interesting. The error (Java Heap Size)
occurs while reading a zip package with a LOT of files. Zip package size
is ~150Mb.

However, this error does not occur, when we're developing through Eclipse
3.1.2. But as soon as we shift to running client on JRE 1.5.0_03, we get
the error.

Any ideas?



> Hi again.
> We haven't got rid of this issue. It seems like applying
> will handle this zip package correctly.
> The zip package at hand contains up to 200 characters long paths. Can this
> cause VFS problems? I know Windows has a restriction of path length to 260
> characters.
> We're still running into Java heap size errors. The actual zip contains a
> lot of files, but is relatively small (~150Mb).
> The cache should be cleared properly. We're even calling clear() in
> several occasions to prevent memory errors. I can't see a way how we could
> be referencing to any FileObjects longer than absolutely needed.
> Any ideas?
> BR,
> -hrjk
>> Hi!
>>> Also, we've tried to clear cache with
>>> getFilesCache().clear(usedFileObject.getFileSystem()). Even this
>>> doesn't
>>> seem to help.
>> Are you sure you get rid of EVERY fileObject you had processed during
>> extraction of the zip file?
>> In case of zip files there is a global list (on filesystem level) which
>> holds all entries.
>> It should be garbage collected as soon as you dont hold any reference.
>> Clear the cache isnt required as it holds only SoftReferences and the vm
>> should discard them too.
>>> Do you see this as a potential VFS problem?
>> I wont rule out that you catched a bug here. Its complicated stuff, and
>> hard to debug :-(
>>> Could you point me to a working profiler?
>> I use the yourkit profiler:
>> Ciao,
>> Mario
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