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From David <>
Subject [CLI] How to fix the length of the options list on HelpFormatter.print()
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 12:17:50 GMT
Dear members,
  I have an input argument parser with a lot of options and suboptions, I have noticed that
the option length on the HelpFormatter.print() indents the description column on the output
(the output has two columns)
  I have the following sub-report option:
  -report (-r)                                                 textDescription
      -date|-list|-template|-param-names|-param-values|-format textDescription
  So the place where starts the description is after sub-option -format, so I have to modify
the fullWith on HelpFormatter constructor in order to get a readable description (second column),
but what I would like is to wrap the syntax on the report definition in order to fix to a
maximum length, for example the following output:
  -report (-r)                            textdescription  
      -date|-list|-template|-param-names  textdescription
      |-param-values|-format              textdescription
  so, the -report option definition is wrapped
  Do you have any idea about how to do that,
  Thanks in advance,

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