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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject [validator] javascript integer validation quirk
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 16:44:45 GMT

I'm using commons-validator 1.1.4 with Struts 1.2.7.  I'm try to validate using
the "integer" validation and I'm running into a problem, but only on the
client-side.  If I enter the following, the javascript integer validation will
report the number as an invalid integer...


Note the leading zero.  If I change that zero to any other number, javascript
integer validation passes.  If I disable javascript validation, the server-side
integer validation sees the number above as a valid Integer.  Note that
technically, what I need is a more generic "numeric" validation.  The leading
zero is significant.  I just need to make sure that everything entered is
numeric.  I store it in the form as a String.  I have certain size
restrictions, but that is irrelevant to this discussion.  For the purpose here,
I don't care if the number fits within a Java Integer, Long, etc.  It could be 1
numeric character or a hundred.  I just want them to be all numeric.  Is there a
validator for this?

Anyway, is this a known bug?  I looked in both Bugzilla and Jira and didn't see
anything pertaining to this issue.  Is a fix in a later release of
commons-validator?  If so, is it possible to use later releases of
commons-validator with Struts-1.2.7, or would I have to upgrade to a later
release of Struts to be compatible with later releases of commons-validator?



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