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From "Gabriel Belingueres" <>
Subject [BEANUTILS] Alignment with JSTL standard?
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 21:20:10 GMT

I'd like to know if there are any prospects on aligning the beanutils with JSTL.

AFAIK, DynaBeans currently do not work with JSTL standard because
there is no accessor to the values Map variable from the outside, so
you have to subclass BasicDynaBean and put an accessor to the values
Map to use it from a JSP page.

Also, since I'm working a lot with the (disconected) RowSetDynaClass,
and this creates by default BasicDynaBeans, I have to subclass
RowSetDynaClass so as to overwrite the createDynaBean() method, but
there is no information on the javadocs that tell that we can safelly
do that without loosing forward compatibility with future beanutils

I downloaded the beanutils source code and very easily I created an
abstract class (let's call it AbstractRowSetDynaClass) that has an
abstract protected DynaBean createDynaBean() method, and then create
RowSetDynaClass by subclassing AbstractRowSetDynaClass, with the
current implementation of the createDynaBean() method. This way, there
are no loss of backward compatibility in the RowSetDynaClass class AND
the design intent is clearly specified so that anyone is allowed to
safely replace the dynabean kind created, and this information is
easily found by reading the javadocs.

I have already implemented those changes in the source code...don't
know if anyone is interested in them.


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