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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [scxml] Handling exceptions thrown by custom actions
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 18:50:19 GMT
On 5/16/06, Nestor Urquiza <> wrote:
> Java code I will add ;-) so:
> "Is there a way FROM JAVA CODE to instruct the SCXML
> Engine to go to
> the initial state where the FSM was before the last
> external event was triggered?
> Thanks!

And I shall remove it ;-)

Well, most things can be done via Java code in Commons SCXML (its a
Java library after all) but it won't be a fraction as elegant in this
case, IMO. And SCXML already provides a history mechanism for this, so
we don't reinvent anything.


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