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Subject [configuration] Interpolation of variables in configuration definition files
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 06:29:09 GMT
Hi all,
i'm playing with commons-configuration HEAD, extracted from svn rep and 
locally built.
Suppose i have i configuration definition file like this, that i pass to 
DefaultConfigurationBuilder , where 
${} is defined as a System 
  <system config-name="system" />
  <properties config-name="extOverride" fileName=
"${}" />
  <properties config-name="intClasspath" fileName=

Given that the configuration file is treated as an XMLConfiguration this 
appears to be a legitimate construct.
The problem is that when the subnode configuration for "extOverride" is 
built the property that defines the filename value is interpolated against 
the subnode configuration itself which obviously is still empty, it's a 
sort of a cat chasing its tail.

In my opinion while building a CombinedConfiguration the interpolation for 
the subnodes should be done against the parent  config, the 
CombinedConfiguration itself.
This would allow to define variables in the configuration file that could 
be solved against the previous nodes.

Am i doing something wrong? Or is there a way to force the described 

In the meanwhile, my thanks and compliments for the best and most complete 
configuration package i've ever seen!


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