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From "Holger Haag" <>
Subject Re: Re: Re: [betwixt] Versioning of XML Output
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 06:37:09 GMT

maybe there is even a better way of doing it, more flexible and probably
about the same amount of work.

Here's what to do:

* Store all attributes of an element in a .betwixt file in the corresponding
* Store all attributes of an attribute in a .betwixt file in the
corresponding AttributeDescriptor
* Add and support new interfaces ElementSuppressionStrategy and

This way, the application using betwixt can define its own custom attributes
and strategies for suppressing elements/attributes.

Such attributes/strategies could be for example
* Versioning: Suppress attributes/elements for older clients
* Versioning: Suppress obsolete attributes/elements 
* Add debug information to XML documents if desired
* Suppress elements/attributes for smaller XML documents (to save bandwidth)
* ...

What do you think ?

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