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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] API changes before first RC
Date Thu, 11 May 2006 03:33:54 GMT

Speaking of changes before RC, why does the ServletContextResolver 
resolve using ctx.getRealPath() [1]?  That assumes that the webapp is 
deployed, "exploded", as a directory.  If the webapp is deployed 
directly from a .WAR file, ctx.getRealPath() will, invariably, return 
null.  Why not return a Stringified URL path from ctx.getResource() 
as either toString() or toExternalForm()?  That will work 100% of the 
time, no matter how the webapp is deployed.  Also, ctx.getRealPath() 
returns a path that would feed into a File object.  Is that really 
desired?  Most libraries deal with URL's to avoid File 
specifics.  Maybe this behavior could be made optional?  The default 
could be the URL form and another constructor could be provided with 
an extra boolean parameter such as "useURLForm".  One could pass in 
false which would tell the resolver to use getRealPath() instead of 
the URL form.  Thoughts?



At 04:01 PM 5/10/2006, you wrote:
 >While unreleased code doesn't have any API guarantees, Commons SCXML
 >has been quite careful even during its sandbox days to not break user
 >code as improvement / changes are made. As we head towards a first
 >release candidate in the coming weeks, there are a couple of changes
 >that will be best made now.
 >The changes should make for quite easy "porting", but may require
 >changes to user code, particularly if custom actions, custom semantics
 >or the EventDispatcher interface is used. I've put up a wiki page to
 >document these changes:
 >It should contain the motivation for each change, the date the nightly
 >will change, and a before and after snippet of code. Please refer to
 >that wiki page before upgrading to the latest snapshot for the next
 >week or so.
 >And as always, please ask any questions here.
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