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From "Lazarte, Ivan" <>
Subject [commons vfs] Symlinks and directory caches (and network drive)
Date Mon, 22 May 2006 15:55:09 GMT
Re: network drives: The only unfortunate catch is that I want 3rd party
Windows programs to have access to them!  This is a great idea for my
Java progs though, thanks!

A few more questions, 
1. What is the best way to detect symlinks in VFS? I've noticed it
reports it as a file, which isn't entirely accurate since it could
either a file or a directory.  Shouldn't this be it's own FileType in
the future, described as a Capability?
2. Since VFS is a remote file system, I'd preferably have the directory
accesses be uncached since I don't know if someone else is making
changes to it.  I'm willing to wait 200ms instead of 16 :).  Is there a
way to set caches off by default?  That, or what is the best way to
clear the caches.
3. My program (I've been testing in Eclipse) seems to keep the
connection running.   Is there a way to manually force disconnect?  I'm
aware that usually I don't want this, but for testing it's convenient.

Thanks for your help, VFS is really nice overall, very easy to get up
and running.

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From: Mark A Fortner [] 
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2006 11:37 AM
To: Jakarta Commons Users List
Subject: Re: [commons vfs] Mapping a network drive?

This could be done, but not exactly the way you're thinking. :-)

In VFS you can use SFTP to access different volumes.  You can create and
save a simple text file that contains all of the URLs that you want your
applications to have access to.

When your apps startup, they read the file, and use VFS to create
connections to those volumes.  This approach should work on any
operating system, and doesn't rely on any platform specific code.



Robert Enyedi <> wrote: Hi,

In short, this is not handled by VFS. Since network drive mapping is a
Windows specific operation the mapping can be achieved only by using
code. The J2SE core libraries do not have this feature implemented and
does VFS.


On 5/22/06, Lazarte, Ivan  wrote:
> I'm a little confused about how I would do this...  I would like to
> a remote computer (through SSH) as a local drive on my Windows
> machine.  This way any application I have would be able to connect to
> remote computer without worrying about it's networking capabilities.
> Can VFS do this?  I did a little research into the networking stuff,
> since I'm very new to networking it's all pretty foreign to me.
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